Thursday, January 28, 2016

Apply early for your Cottage Food permit, be ready for farmers market season

Liz Beckman
Cottage Food Coordinator 

Spring is not far off when a harvest of strawberries, raspberries and other fruits prompt some of us to envision desserts, jams and jellies to enjoy with seasonal summer fruit. If this has you thinking of starting a Cottage Food home business and selling your goods at your local farmers market, the time to submit your application is now.

The application process can take several weeks and first-time applicants sometimes miss key parts that can delay approval. By applying now, you still have time to get your Cottage Food permit and be prepared when Washington’s farmers markets are in full swing, as well as when the fruits and berries are coming into season.

Depending on the number of recipes submitted, it could take anywhere from four to six weeks for an application to be reviewed and approved for a home inspection, which must be conducted before a Cottage Food permit is issued.

You can get an application by visiting or by calling the Cottage Food Program at (360) 902-1844.

If you are working on your application and have questions, we’ll be holding a Cottage Food Workshop on March 3, 2016. There, a reviewer will go through your application and be available to help you identify areas that may need more work. Or you may get the good news that your application is ready for submission!

If you have any questions, you can email us at or give us a call.