Friday, January 15, 2016

The Gypsy moth – Worst. Pest. Ever?

by Karla Salp                                                                                        Click here to download a pdf of this infographic
Pest Program

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Environmental wrecking balls. Rashes and allergies. Raining caterpillar poop.  In the world of invasive pests, the gypsy moth ranks as one of the worst.

One of the most dangerous tree pests ever introduced to the United States, gypsy moth is permanently established in more than 20 Eastern states.  There, it kills or damages millions of acres of trees each year.  Last year in Washington, the moth made a big push to try and set up a permanent home in our beautiful trees.

So what makes this pest so terrible?  We have created a new infographic to answer just that question.

Called “13 Reasons to Unfriend the Gypsy Moth,” it details just some of the reasons that the gypsy moth is bad news for Washington’s trees, environment, and residents.

To protect Washington’s environment and residents, WSDA has proposed treating several areas throughout the state to control for gypsy moths.  We’ll be using this blog in the upcoming months to talk about what that process looks like and to answer your questions and concerns.

Also be sure to check out our Facebook page or Twitter account for #GypsyMothMonday, where we will share information and video as well. And as always, you can visit our website for the latest information.