Thursday, June 10, 2021

WSDA offering free 840 RFID tags to new and renewing ECTR users

Jodi Jones
Animal Services Division

What is an inexpensive, electronic, and convenient alternative to in-person brand inspection?  The Electronic Cattle Transaction Reporting System – otherwise known as ECTR.

WSDA offers Washington ranchers and dairy owners an alternative way to meet brand inspection requirements through self-reporting of cattle sales and out-of-state cattle movement through our ECTR system. ECTR meets the critical dual objectives of both livestock identification and animal disease traceability by electronically capturing proof of ownership, registered brand recordings, and official individual identification. 

To make this process even more affordable, WSDA is offering free official 840 RFID tags to both new registrants and current users that renew their license!

840 RFID tag
840 RFID tag

New ECTR users

Producers who register for ECTR are eligible for free official 840 RFID tags:

  • 40 tags and one RFID tag applicator for producers with herds of 50 head or less.
  • 100 tags and one RFID tag applicator for producers with herds of more than 50 head.

Current ECTR users

Current users that choose to renew their ECTR license will receive additional free official 840 RFID tags.

  • The number of tags awarded will be based on the volume of cattle they recorded in ECTR the year prior. For example, if you recorded 100 head of cattle last year in ECTR, you will receive 100 tags.
  • Current ECTR users that are already receiving free official RFID tags from our Animal Disease Traceability program will not be eligible for free tags.

Getting your free tags

To get your free tags, first register for or renew your ECTR license. If this is your first time registering, we will automatically send your tags. If you renewed, simply email and let us know you want the promotion tags.

For more information about ECTR, please visit our ECTR webpage at or call (360) 902-1855.