Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Brand owners--be on lookout for WSDA letter in November

By Mike Louisell

More than 6,000 brand holders will receive notices starting this week reminding livestock owners it’s time to renew their brands. Current livestock brands expire on Dec. 31.

Every four years WSDA renews brands and updates its popular brand book, a large volume showing brands that often have been in families for decades. The brands, featuring quarter circles, anchors, channel irons and a host of other symbols, show ownership of the animal and deter theft.

It’s been said that a brand is your livestock’s best return address, comparable to the title you carry in your vehicle to prove ownership. That is because brands are unique to specific ranches and other properties and the families that own them.

Brands not renewed can be re-recorded after a one-year holding period. WSDA typically advertises available brand designs in the “Ketch Pen,” published by the Washington Cattlemen’s and Cattlewomen’s Association.

The cost to renew your brand is $120, good for four years. Payment can be made with check, money order or credit card. Go to www.agr.wa.gov/FoodAnimal/Livestock or call (360) 902-1855 for more information on livestock brands.

Pre-order your 2016 Brand Book now

Take advantage and pre-order a copy of the 2016 Brand Book when you renew your brand. The book will be available next summer, but supplies will be limited for those who do not pre-order. Costs are $25 for a printed copy or $10 for the e-book on CD-ROM.