Monday, August 1, 2016

WSDA names assistant state vet, search for state vet continues

Hector Castro

A veterinarian with extensive experience with large animals and agriculture will be joining WSDA as the new assistant state veterinarian.

Dr. Scott Haskell
Dr. Scott Haskell, whose family raised beef cattle, sheep and tree crops, has more than 30 years experience as a veterinarian. He begins his new position with the agency on Aug. 1.

Dr. Haskell is originally from Oregon and studied at the University of California, Davis. He was in large animal veterinary practice for 18 years before entering academia and public service, serving as a professor with Yuba College in California, where he was the director of the Veterinary Technology Program and chair of the school’s Agriculture and Plant Science Program.

Dr. Haskell is experienced in disease outbreak investigations and biosecurity and has a long history of working with the livestock industry, agriculture fairs and is currently a 4H advisor.

Washington’s Office of the State Veterinarian has a wide range of responsibilities which include enforcing state and federal regulations on livestock movement, investigating animal disease outbreaks, maintaining animal health records, and other animal movement records, as well as safeguarding the public by identifying and limiting the exposure to zoonotic diseases through disease surveillance, identification and traceability.

WSDA is continuing its search for a new state veterinarian, a position that is currently vacant.