Monday, June 17, 2019

Beetle Blitz Week: Have you seen this pest?

Chris Looney
Entomology Program

Pest detectives are needed this week as WSDA conducts a "Beetle Blitz" week June 17 - 23 to find and map the spread of a relatively new and highly destructive pest - the Lily Leaf Beetle.

If you see a lily - wherever you are - take a close look at it. You might find a lily leaf beetle in a garden, park, hiking area, or even landscaping throughout the community.

Local residents first discovered and have been critical in helping track the spread of this pest so far, and you can continue to help during this Beetle Blitz week.

Here's what to look for:


Adults are easiest to spot as they are bright red, even though they are relatively small.


Eggs are usually on the underside of leaves and are normally an orangish color.


Larvae are brownish blobs also usually found on the underside of leaves.


If you find any life stage of the Lily Leaf Beetle, here's what to do:
  1. Take a clear photo of the beetle, eggs, or larva. Cell phones are great for this!
  2. Go to the lily leaf beetle reporting form online.
  3. Submit the photo, and include the date you saw the lily leaf beetle (or eggs/larvae) and general location information using the online reporting form. That's it!
If you can't access the online submission form, you can send the photos, location information, and date you saw the pest to Once the week is over, WSDA entomologists will compile all of the emailed sightings and those submitted directly to the website, creating the most complete map of this invader to date. 

Want more info about the Lily Leaf Beetle? Here is a short video about it: